Our mission:

«We are countries of the Carpathian region, have to enhance our relations as strong as possible through unanimity and cooperation»

Rostyslav Pyliaiev

Local Democracy

The topic of local democracy, its origin, and development is becoming more and more important and in demand in Europe, and on a global scale. It is especially relevant for the countries of the Carpathian macro-region, where there is a painful search for new forms and content of public administration, and ways of consolidating society. It is about listening to all sides, understanding its context, and sharing interesting experiences with colleagues, although not always positive ones.

By implementing projects in this area, we will learn what main challenges need to be overcome on the path to sustainable development, how the local self-government system will work efficiently and sustainably, and on what grounds and conditions to interact with the state authorities of the Carpathian macroregion.

One of the goals of the Carpathian Platform is to raise awareness about the development of local democracy and the general improvement of the situation with local democracy in the Carpathian macro-region.