Our mission:

«We are countries of the Carpathian region, have to enhance our relations as strong as possible through unanimity and cooperation»

Rostyslav Pyliaiev


Carpathian Platform – Slovak public organization that promotes the development of the Carpathian macro-region through the creation and support of academic, socio-cultural, environmental and commercial initiatives and projects. To do this, we conduct research, advocate for changes in the transition to clean, affordable and safe energy, organize communication, charity and socio-cultural campaigns, as well as search for new ones.

We are an international public organization founded on March 18, 2022 in Bratislava, the capital of the Slovak Republic. The founders, members and participants of the organization share the idea of ​​a common future for the countries of the Carpathian macroregion thanks to partnership unity. Therefore, the slogan of the organization is "Future In Unity".

We are not indifferent to today's environmental and energy challenges, which is why we zealously support the green transition within the framework of the EDG (European Green Deal) program.

We aim to improve and further develop international cooperation in the field of protection of human rights and freedoms.

We initiate and support socio-cultural projects that teach tolerance and understanding through art, even when we speak different languages.

Rostyslav Pyliaiev

Rostyslav Pyliaiev

Rostyslav Pyliaiev


Nasty Vladoiu

Nasty Vladoiu

Vice-Chairman, Ambassador in Romania


Ján Figeľ

Board Advisor

Béres András1

Béres András

Ambassador in Hungary


Rastislav Babica

Head of Economic Development


Miroslav Pollak

Cooperation coordinator with civil organizations


Anton Minárik

Regionálny zástupca v Banskej Bystrici


Petro Lavriienko

Project coordinator


Zsolt Mihály Eszes

Expert in planning, construction and production of biogas facilities


Iegor Pyliaiev

Executive Assistant


Plamen Irinkov

Expert in Innovation & Technical Development


Petro Peshko

Expert in forestry development

The public organization "Carpathian Platform" is open to cooperation with other organizations, institutions, companies and experts.

We sign memorandums with NGOs, receive and send letters of thanks and support, organize joint projects and actions, participate in grants and much more. Regarding membership in our organization, partnership or cooperation, you can contact our specialists or fill out the feedback form.

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