Our mission:

«We are countries of the Carpathian region, have to enhance our relations as strong as possible through unanimity and cooperation»

Rostyslav Pyliaiev

Green Energy

A European “Green Deal” is the main direction of the Carpathian Platform.

The main goals of the “Green Deal” are to transform Europe into a climate-neutral continent, improve the well-being of citizens, protect biological diversity, and green economy.

Our goal is to activate the strategic dialogue between the countries that are part of the Carpathian macroregion (Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Hungary and Serbia) to promote the implementation of the European Green Deal and the resolution of the UN General Assembly of September 25, 2015 “Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”, as well as strengthening the role of Slovakia in cross-border cooperation to accelerate the socio-economic development of the Carpathian macroregion.

The purpose of signing memorandums of cooperation is to consolidate efforts for economic development of the Macrocarpathian region and joint implementation of European Green Deal projects. The results are the establishment of partnership and the development of long-term, effective and mutually beneficial cooperation between the Parties, aimed at the implementation of joint projects. Our goal is to bring together parties who intend to cooperate in equality, goodwill, respect and trust based on common practices.

In the process of implementing the Memorandum, the parties carry out their activities in accordance with the current legislation of the European Union and agree to take joint actions to solve the following tasks:

preparation and implementation of joint energy projects in the Carpathian macro-region;

– establishment of effective communications in the field of alternative energy and innovative energy solutions;

  – stimulation of initiatives aimed at a systematic approach to the implementation of changes in the energy sector of the countries of the Carpathian macroregion;

– provision of innovative and technological basis for creation of networks and partner associations in the fields of energy development of the Carpathian macroregion;

– creation of information and resource prerequisites for implementation of modern European innovative and technological solutions in the field of energy systems and energy;

  – joint information and technological cooperation in the direction of the development of the European green course;

  – joint activity and development of joint projects in the field of bioenergy;

  -joint participation in projects on the development of environmental projects in the countries of the Carpathian macroregion;

– organization and joint participation in conferences, forums, seminars and other mass events related to the European Green Course;

  – interaction with international public organizations, mass media and the expert environment of other countries;

– other types of cooperation within the framework of the statute.

We are sure that the countries of the Carpathian Region have all the necessary resources to become a climate neutral region.