Our mission:

«We are countries of the Carpathian region, have to enhance our relations as strong as possible through unanimity and cooperation»

Rostyslav Pyliaiev

Educational initiatives

One of the main tasks of the Carpathian Platform is to establish international relations between educational institutions of the Carpathian macro-region and to create an educational platform for the cooperation of academic circles, international institutions, scientists and talented youth. Educational projects of the Carpathian Platform are aimed at introducing European standards of sustainable development of the region, using innovative educational technologies and the most modern scientific research, namely:

1. Participation in the development and implementation of innovative educational courses and programs for environmental awareness and the development of technical green skills that prepare young people for the “green” economy;

2. Participation in interregional educational projects, programs, conferences, seminars and symposia, to increase the level of awareness and awareness of young people regarding the development of the “green course” and renewable energy sources;

3. Establishing direct contacts and partnership relations between educational institutions and partner schools of the Carpathian region within the framework of educational programs of the Carpathian Platform;

4. Involvement of international partners and cooperation with interregional educational institutions regarding the exchange of experience and joint work on educational projects of the Carpathian Platform based on the use of accumulated experience in scientific, innovative and research-experimental spheres;

5. Creation of a project office, formation and development of modern research teams and groups that effectively interact with each other within the framework of the implementation of joint international projects and grants;

6. Involvement of talented youth in the educational, research and innovation activities of Carpathian Platform projects by holding educational and training competitions and creating a comfortable environment for stimulating the implementation of interregional projects.

We strive to achieve maximum efficiency in the implementation of educational projects and offer our partners to join the educational initiatives of the Carpathian Platform.